Descripción del Trabajo

Purpose of Role:
– This role is responsible of loading contracts, managing bookings to reduce issues and complaints and delivering an excellent service to our customers in the E2E process of their experience.

– Ensure that the quality of our products makes sense for our clients.
– Work in an end-to-end process to load contracts correctly and reflected in our distribution channels in terms of availability, rates & content.
– To contribute to the correct flow of the business by providing operational support to all our supplier requests regarding pre-arrival bookings, Maintain good relationships with suppliers from an operational perspective.
– Working with suppliers’ assistance (e.g. booking modifications, rejected bookings, check missing info, offline quotations, sales support…) to reduce the impact of issues.
– Suppliers complaints/issue resolution, ensuring effective response to clients claims meet SLA deadlines and feedback is provided to the business to develop/improve products & services, ensuring specialization per product line, sourcing methodologies & geographies.

Key Challenges:
– To adapt to internal needs and understand priorities
– Communicating regularly with other teams
– CRC support and mistakes review to reduce negative impacts generated by wrong actions